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Hello world!

Hello  and welcome to my world!

Life is for living.  What is

Simple, life seduces us every day without notice. The melange of emotions we are in contact with. The black an white scenarios life has made. Everything with its exact same opposite allows  us to appreciate and enjoy the value of the moment. This website is the archive to my lifestyle and thoughts.

I have always been an artist at heart. Music, art, beauty, and creativity drew me in. There fore I wanted to enjoy the pleasure of seducing and being seduced by what life has to offer. This website will contain some of my past, current,and future exotic adventures and thoughts about the subjects of beauty,which music comes under,  and lifestyle. Music in itself is a form of seduction if you think smart of it 😉

I am a musician, produce, composer,and models’ scout & manager.

I have also been in contact with  many different cultures since I had the chance to travel around the globe. The common and contrast between mindsets of different countries is amazing and I will discuss it.

This site will be were I consider daily  events/experiences  and comment honestly, brutally, and constructively.

Enjoy  🙂