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June 10, 2013

Upcoming Lesson “Vibrato”

by Jad Scout

I would like to announce I am in the making of a new video lesson on vibrato. Vibrato is one of the most important techniques on the guitar to express yourself and put your signature on the notes. All string instruments in general have one vibrate (left to right). Were you simple move your finger left and right on one note. On the guitar vibrato is a world in itself. I have noticed many guitar players work hard on developing there chops as in speed and sweeping and forget the basics. This makes there playing boring and sounding simply ugly. You must learn how to end the notes the you play in a smooth way and deliver the correct feeling related to the story you are telling. I see guitarists simply moving there finger up and down quickly give a bad sounding vibrato which lacks control. Work on the fundamentals as in vibrato first, develop a good touch on the neck, and leave the Ferrari playing to talent less bunch. Playing fast has its time but if that is all you know you are not making music.

In the upcoming lesson we’ll discuss all sorts of vibrato and why we use them until it becomes part of you and it an extension of your expression on the guitar.


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