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May 7, 2012

Life Purpose

by Jad Scout

We all have to say that the world is a very important place and we all try what we can to achieve our visions but in the end it’s all a game because for everyone this game ends the same. We become dust and all our possessions are meaningless. So where we go and what we do don’t really matter. If the shoes fit then walk don’t over analyze. It is a waste of time and chances you can use to achieve your dreams. Fears are meaningless in the long term. You fear then you don’t try then u become miserable and eventually you die. What is worse not trying or dying for your dreams? Every breath is a chance. Take advantage. It’s a game and the currency is time. We all lose eventually. We die. Why not make your stay until you meet that destiny worth it. When we back down from what we truly want we are already dead and we don’t know it.

Food for thought 😉

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