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September 12, 2011

New Rule: Honesty

by Jad Scout

Imagine for a second if suddenly a magic potion was spilled from the sky on planet earth making us all one hundred percent honest. Just try to imagine. How many times you smile and say good morning to people you don’t give a shit about just because it is the right social thing to do. How many times you told your fat wife she is beautiful and as you too make love both your minds are fantasizing about someone else. Imagine going up to the beautiful girl in a relationship with her fiancé and saying, “ I would love to have you”. Imagine women with deep secrets (I know you girls :D) suddenly confess to their men about their not counted affair. Imagine you telling your friends of who you support and know he is stupid that he is the most stupid person and it is annoying how delusional they are. Imagine at a work interview saying to the future boss that, “ I don’t like the work. I don’t like you. I just work for the money. I was kicked out from my last job because I spent my time playing poker on the internet and I don’t think it is a good choice to hire me!”

Now there is a flip side. Imagine saying the most genuine “ I love you” to your loved ones. Imagine walking with confidence and achieving your goal because you are true to yourself and motivated. Imagine doing great things and supporting others because you truly believe in them. Imagine smiling and saying good morning to the whole world because you are truly happy and want to share that gift with the world. Imagine telling your woman that she is beautiful because you truly feel she is the most beautiful. A choice with two perspectives!

That is one crazy yet beautiful place! Just Imagine! 

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