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July 14, 2011

Be The Flame

by Jad Scout


Every one faces challenges. Everyone has moment were they want to quit and give up when if they would have pushed that 2% they would have won. A story comes to my mind related to that:

A very important business man after doing studies on a certain land, found out that it contains oil. He drilled for a number of months. The result was nothing. He thought about all the money he has paid, felt extremely weak and tired. So out of anger he sold that area for a very cheap price to a farmer. The farmer was just hitting that ground and suddenly a strong burst of oil came through the air. The farmer went in just two centimeters. The moral of this story is that sometimes we must push forward and keep our belief strong.

Each one of us has a flame that never dies inside. We nurture that flame by faith. The magic is that we are in control of that. Everyone can play the victim. It is easy and comfortable to be passive. No! Wakeup and fight back. This is your world and your rules. Be unshakable and believe you can and it shall. Ask yourself at heart can this work. If the answer is yes! Go and win.

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