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July 6, 2011

Broken Heart

by Jad Scout











I remember the start

Souls met and then they part

Fell in love put down my guard

Gave her my all and received a dart

target to my heart it pierced

I am alone now are u pleased

put in me the pain and watered the seed

thanks for the crushing story I had to read

Thanks for the sad feelings I had to feel

No chance to go back no chance to turn the wheel

from the start everything was clear

we were meant to be

You called me darling and I called u dear

So special not to lose I feared

so special and it dropped my tears

Heart broken can not be healed

A tear in my being can’t be sealed

actions spoke louder than words

gave me promises then flied like a bird

still beautiful in my eyes

but am in hell now no chance to rise

open those eyes and realize

That my heart wasn’t wise

Please don’t tell me it was deceit and lies

Then I will end and what we had will die!

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