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June 29, 2011

Desert Storm

by Jad Scout

The picture was taken a couple of years ago In Egypt Sharam El Sheikh. We went on a desert trip and set out our ATV to be driven fast and crazy. There were rules of conduct during the trip but I couldn’t follow them and that resulted in me bumping into another driver. The trip started at 1 pm and ended around midnight. One of the cool things is when we took a break and sat in this  Arabic Gypsy (Ghajar in Arabic) resting place. They served us tea, water , and hookah. You truly

appreciate  the sip of water you taste, when you are that thirsty from driving  for hours and the burning fierce Sun. The design of that rest place is truly unique. You have carpets set up on the ground and sheep fabric with dark red colors.

By the end of the night, I was allowed to free drive around and lead the pack. I have never been good at following rules so that last hour was very fun for me. It is funny that someone like me who hates driving cars more than anything enjoys ATVs and Jet Skies more than anything! So the last hour was very fast, enjoyable, and adrenaline rushing. The bliss of air at night as it hits you when you are driving fast gives such a sensation of freedom that is very hard to explain in words. It should be experienced.

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