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June 29, 2011

Crazy Taxi

by Jad Scout

Taxi  I am amazed by the quality of the Lebanese Chauffeurs. Some are self-proclaimed Casanovas when they were younger. Some are so vulgar they have their own cursing dictionaries and some are hilarious and make make you laugh the whole ride.
I met one of those and it was crazy. From the moment I sat in the car it was joke after joke. Then huge fat Godzilla girls wants to get in the taxi. She is so fat that her breasts hit the front window and her arms are so fat that her left arm was on the driver’s face. He immediately tell her I hope the car works. Then asks her if she has a man. She says yes and he asks how many because a woman like her needs a hundred men. He says to her that man who loves her is cursed and his mother has asked God to punish him because he was a bad son. The funny this is that fat pig was laughing the whole time and never got offended even one time. Then he asks her how can her man figure out how to sleep with her. He needs Google to find the location of pleasure.

Crazy Guy 😀 !

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