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June 27, 2011

Something To Notice

by Jad Scout

During the course of my life I have met different people and there has been two major types (as much as I am against stereotyping).

  • Type 1: The bullshitters with presence.
  • Type 2: The credible with no presence.

Type 1 is very common. You meet a person. They are dressed beautifully. Every word they say is clear,loud with the right amount, and slow. They communicate that they have been heard, someone to be noticed, and valued. Any subject you open with them, they will have an opinion about. For a second, you think you met a person full of wisdom and life experiences.

The honest truth is that if you actually checked the FACTS behind the information they are providing. You will discover two things. They either have stole the information, hidden the source, and delivered the the news as their own; or simply gave you wrong information but thanks to their presence you assumed they were saying the truth.

One very funny about such a person is that when you put in front of  their face the truth they will still find a way to deny. Admitting they are wrong hurts their ego and the image they are projecting. You might say, ” You really hear by your ears and not your nose”, and they’ll respond with “Maybe” and change the subject.

Those kind of people are always scared of losing value or there mask being dropped.

Type 2 is sad. They have the information and the wisdom. Since we live in a appearance oriented society they are looked over. This could be that person who stutters and has nervous ticks but if you actually listen you might learn great lessons from him. This type will evolve with time and  progressively get the presence once they start seeing positive feedback.

So who is better:

A delusional bullshitter or an insecure realist 😉 ? 

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