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June 27, 2011

Political Stupidity

by Jad Scout

A wise man I know once said, “ Most are sheep and few are human beings”.  I actually started to understand what he meant.  In my society, Lebanon, I see this everyday and it makes me sick. Leaders who at one time had their sheep destroy each other for their personal benefit are now friends. People seem not to see the game being played. People in general love  drama. Check the most watched series on TV. They buy the news papers and discuss politics together as if they can change the system that benefits when you give it attention. We don’t need leader we must lead our own lives. We weren’t sent to this planet to be sheep but to be human beings. We have a mind and we shall learn how to use it before it is too late! Man have become slaves of the system and had put so much compliance into a leader or a religion that we forgot to think for our selves. Being unique is looked down upon. We want to fit in. We want to be accepted. No one with such a mindset has lead a prosperous and enlightening life.

But we are afraid?

There is nothing to fear except fear itself. When you realize this you know the truth.  Don’t be a sheep. Ask questions! Ask is this right for me! Don’t if everyone does it then it is the truth.

Many souls have been lost on the fight for power. Power begins inside. Not by conquering others, conquering lands, or gaining material gains. Power is within and it is yours the moment you realize you can be satisfied right now.

Be grateful to life. Be grateful to the air you can breath. Be grateful to the simple things. Yes go after goal but realize it is simply a game to entertain yourself.

You are a leader not a sheep :).

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