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June 24, 2011

Kiev Experience

by Jad Scout

  Traveling alone  is one of the best things a man can do.  It teaches you to depend on yourself. To go out of your comfort zone and be a leader. The beauty of discovering a new culture enriches your character and gives you new experiences which you can use to connect and share with new people who come into your life. Traveling allows for a limit of time to see life in a new way because of the difference in mindset and beliefs the environment around you  has and thus makes you realize that beliefs are flexible by you!

This picture was taken in Kiev Downtown. Let me tell you it is a must to travel over there. Language can be a barrier since few can speak legitimate English. The country is beautiful and has an atmosphere like no other. The women not to forget are one of the most beautiful in the entire world. The clubs, restaurants, and lifestyle is something to inspire. If you are there I recommend you visit a place called “Marakesh” and order an apple hookah with martini. It is one of the best hookahs I smoked. Not to forget sharing with a beautiful woman can add that extra boost to make it more tasty specially when she is smoking the taste into your mouth. Yummy :). Also visit the clubs which I didn’t have time to experience to the fullest. Another thing I recommend is a restaurant called Mafia which resembles the movie “God Father ” by design and have some of the tastiest Italian Cuisines I have tasted.

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