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May 31, 2011

Silent & Highe Social Value

by Jad Scout

The ladies are attracted to what shines in the room. He is dressed in a very sexy way then catches a women’s attention. His face has stern eagle eyes that throw fire. He is walking there purposefully and elegantly while projecting a certain positivity and power. He stand there scans the room and catches some eyes and nodes at some pretty girls. Then he smoothly and slowly along the whole club and disappears in the bathroom. The women are talking about him. Who is that man if mystery. Then he walks back out to the bar and gets a drink. He is there his back to the bar and his body opens to anyone to see. He is enjoying the music and feels so content to the girls. He randomly chats with some girl who purposefully came close to him without making it obvious. The girls are intrigued is she his girl friend or why did she get to him first. He leaves that lady and goes to the dance floor lock himself to a wall and searches for her the special one. …………TO BE CONTINUED


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