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May 24, 2011

The Mother Syndrome

by Jad Scout

Women are not your mother. You don’t have to respect them, be nice, or be a gentle man. When you treat women like they are your mothers they will treat you as if you are there sons. A mother doesn’t find her son sexy to fuck it would be unnatural and that will be the case with girl you like if you treat her as a mother. If your mother is hurt by you or doesn’t give you approval it feels very sad and you feel a desire to win her back. That is a beautiful thing to do for your real mother but for your desired women it is disgusting. So wake the fuck up and realize you have a couple of balls and a dick. BE PROUD IF IT! Women desire such a man. They tell you such a man is disrespectful and a pervert and then they secretly masturbate about him. We will learn how to be that man while staying classy and charming making us very seductive.

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