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May 30, 2010

Chase Game

by Jad Scout

Yup figured out the REAL WAY for her to chase!!:

Women have the weakest FEEL of reality ever. They TRULY decide their social status from the VIEWS of outsiders and when this VIEW comes from someone lower than her social status she USES that admiration as fuel for her to feel good about herself yet she won’t sleep with him because he admires her for the wrong reasons.

A women’s social status is decided by her looks and the amount of ADMIRATION she experiences. That is why sometimes really super hot girls are not that confident because men are afraid of approaching them so because of their insecurity they rationalize that there is something wrong with them.

How can we take advantage of that and what is the reason for that? Mystery would approach a top model and tease her then she suddenly feels an urge to get that validation back.

I would approach a hottie directly and she would be receptive to my touch.

Why does that happen?

Women live in the moment and in their minds and hearts they know they are NOT ALL THAT! They need constant validation to feel good about themselves BUT they never feel totally validated. Actually if they did feel totally validated they would stop feeling anything they would feel bored and dump you! Heartbreaking by true!!

A BASIC RULE I use is validate her when she deserves it and not when she wants it! She deserves it when YOU believe she deserves it. If you give her validation when she wants it and she doesn’t deserve it you communicate low value and increase her social status. She will like you momentarily (actually she will like herself she will an ego rush) then throw you away. This is what the community would call shit tests.

What is validation?

Any form of energy you spend on a girl. If she is getting on your nerves and you go into a fight with her. Guess what?? You are giving her validation. Any form of energy is validation (Emotion is a manifestation of energy). That is the reason why she will fight back rather than shut up. This is why I love to communicate  what I wants yet not spend any extra energy on her.

Now if that is the case then Direct game should not work right? I mean you are going there and validating her from the start….WRONG!!

There are two types of validation that exist:

  • Low value validation.
  • High value validation.Low value validation is the validation I talked about in the beginning were a guy worships a women and she uses that validation as ego fuel.Now high value validation is validation which comes from a different frequency. The women actually FEELS the difference! As if she has a built in mechanism to detect that. When you say a compliment to girl she can intuitively tell if this compliment is coming from a powerful place. She screens and concludes after studying your Voice/Dress/Body language/Vibe/Facial Expressions/Eye Contact and this happens very fast most of the times before you even approach. This type of validation is what she craves! It will make her shine and become addicted to it. To be someone who can give her that type of high value validation you need EXPERIENCE! With experience under your belt you will learn to relax and handle you bullshit fears and TRULY BECOME ABOVE HER. If I can put it into a belief it is ” A strong belief in yourself that you are attractive because YOU ARE YOU and a deep KNOWINGNESS that you DESERVE THE BEST and anything which inflicts this KNOWINGNESS (Thoughts/Experiences/Emotions) are WRONG and YOU ARE ALWAYS FREE !!”.

    When you operate from this frame of mind you become super! A girl will love your compliment because it raises her value. A girl who you think is and HB9 when being around you starts to believe she is 9 because of YOU!! To simplify it say something sweet to a girl because YOU WANT TO SAY IT and not because you want her to like you.

    The beauty of being direct is that when YOU WITHDRAW that attention when she DOESN”T EXPECT IT she will chase. She will feel she is losing you and you know how weak there ego is. The secret is to know how to withdraw the attention. It shouldn’t feel reactive but non reactive. For example:

  1. A turn of the head away from her.
  2. A NEUTRAL face.
  3. A smile to a girl close to her.
  4. Teasing her kind of sarcastically.
  5. Not listening correctly to her.
  6. Hiding something from her.
  7. Not giving her something.

Now after such a move the woman will chase and you ESCALATE big. I escalate to a kiss or even move her to another place. A good rule is to time that Escalation after she chases you so you mold your girl to her chasing you for physical. So

                  Complement——>HappyGirl—–>Withdrawal——->Escalate Physically

A routine:

jad87:” Wow this is such a beautiful necklase”

Girl:”(smiles) Oh thanks”.

jad87:”(looking around)”

Girl looks expectantly at me

jad87:” I like you :)”(A hug happens were I smell her…This tactic is for a later post)

note: Create your own stuff experiment in real life and have fun!!

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