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April 27, 2009

Basics of Game

by Jad Scout


The thing is newbie’s go out attempting chase tactics and she BLOWS HIM off!!

Well man take a look at yourself …What are you:

Are you hoping she chases you?
Are you hoping she won’t reject you?
Are you out of this moment?

Well then she won’t chase…. A women feels you are you are talking to her..SO NEVER DOUBT yourself…..and do you know how you kill doubt?
…….so get the experience to not give a fuck and play in any state and destroy your excuses..while on another side learning from your mistakes and then FORGETTING the mistake itself HOW?? approach the next girl you like…and

EXPERIANCE>..go out and fail….go out more until suddenly EXTERNAL reality doesn’t matter and you do THE RIGHT SHIT to get her…actually she starts trying to get you!!

I always thought it was about HER…it is actually BOTH!!

It is like brother you get a great guitarist (Inner game) and give him a bad amp (Outer game) …yup he is still good but not his BEST!!…

on the other hand

A bad guitarist (Inner game) can play on the best amp (Outer game)…and still he is shit!!

so it actually more of a balance more to the inner game side 🙂 (Flame me LOL)

another side work on your beliefs through affirmations ..focus practice whatever…YOU CAN HAVE HER!!

now go out and let her get you..let her chase abet :-)!!!

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